Cathedrale [FR] 2018

Podujatie Bratislava

Cathedrale [FR] /w Voodoo beats @Fuga


"These guys have been touring in all over Europe and I threw myself head first into their alternative post- punk sound. They threw hints of infectious power-pop our way combined with a trashy, garage- punk ruckus to rumble the venue. This was a set I just had to leave my camera down and mosh about to, hence the lesser batch of photos for this band. They own a very cool vocal approach that reminded me of some surf-esque bands; providing a solid unified instrumental display which creates allot of beef and drive towards their energy. Hugely exciting to catch live, a trash out band that won't let you down." Revel Rouser / Glasgow

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Miesto konania podujatia: FUGA, Námestie SNP 24, Bratislava
Dátum začiatku podujatia: 21. Apríla 2018 21:00
Dátum ukončenia podujatia: 22. Apríla 2018 03:00
Pravdepodobné súradnice: 48.1445N 17.1121E

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Meno organizátora: Voodoo Beats
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