Gran Turismo Slovakia 2017

Podujatie Orechová Potôň

Gran Turismo Slovakia 2017

Two years ago we presented an exciting newcomer to the Gran Turismo calendar. And, what a great addition it was. Both the track Slovakia Ring and the city where we stay - Bratislava, are top notch. We can't wait to come back in 2017!

Two days on track, three nights of fun

Check in to the event is in the lobby of Ritz/Carlton starting from noon on Sunday the 20th of August. The drivers briefing and dinner starts at about 20.00 in the hotel.

The following two days we drive on Slovakia Ring. A very challenging track which was built just a few years ago. Instruction and full hospitality with lunch is available to all participants on the track.

To read more about the event schedule and to register, please go to:

Miesto konania podujatia: SLOVAKIA RING - official site, Orechová Potôň
Dátum začiatku podujatia: 20. Augusta 2017 12:00
Dátum ukončenia podujatia: 23. Augusta 2017 12:00
Pravdepodobné súradnice: 48.055N 17.5705E

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Meno organizátora: Granturismoevents
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