Toma Toma 7

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Toma Toma 7

Toma Toma 7


WE ARE ON!!!! :)

7th edition... New Home... So much love! Let's gather the Family one more time!

We have some new additions to our Toma Family this year and a couple of surprises! ;)

Afrolatin Connection
- Ricardo & Paula
- Bruno & Catarina
Miguel & Susana
Teca & Lucie
João & Giedre
Alvaro & Mirabella
Kayaya & Fi
Marian & Sisa
To Costa
Hugo Boss
Iron Mams

Dj To Costa
Dj Hugo Boss
Dj Madje
Dj Supaman
Dj Rock
Dj Azmael
Dj Coração
Dj Frank
Dj Iron Mams
Dj Tobi


Early Birds: SOLD OUT
Until 3rd of January or next 25 passes: SOLD OUT
Until 20th of April or 25 passes: SOLD OUT
Until 20th of May or 25 passes: SOLD OUT
Until 8th of July or 25 passes: 100
At the door, if available: 110

Including Socials Friday (From 15:00) till Sunday.
Classes at night right before the party start.
Costs 55€ in advance, 60€ at the door.

How to book:

Write us an e-mail to: and we’ll take it from there :)

Payment information:


Bank Transfer:
Account owner: Álvaro Gustavo
Account number: 5040372426/0900
IBAN: SK9009000000005040372426

- Number of FullPasses will be limited to guarantee the comfort of the participants.

- Payment has to be confirmed maximum 2 weeks after registration or registration is canceled.

- Passes are not transmissible and non refundable. In case of name change a 15€ fee is applied.

11. 7. o 22:00 – 16. 7. o 1:00