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PsychoGAMES [Mareena]
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PsychoGAMES is a platform for teens and adults to play various social games in form of experiential education. Two skilled facilitators from the project OTVORENÁ HRA bring and lead the games and you can join them. However, during these games you won’t just have fun, but you will also improve your skills. Each game is designed to target a certain aspect of behavior or communication. Our games usually end with a review, which is used as a small learning retrospective to bring up the lessons learned.

Games help to improve verbal and nonverbal communication, observational skills, emotional intelligence, group dynamics, leadership skills and more. Additionally, this is an opportunity to challenge your brain and meet new people. At the end, you will leave with a new experience, a thought to think about and maybe a new friend. Yet, still the main point of the games is to have FUN.
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