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SINOPTIK (Stoner, UA) at Randal Club

SINOPTIK presents the new album “Fields On Fire”!

After a short break SINOPTIK returns to the European stage with totally new material. The band was working on the album 'Fields On Fire' during the break between tours. This release marks a new turn in the band's work and promises to be heavier, more psychedelic and twisted, comparing to previous records.

SINOPTIK will also soon surprise everyone with a fresh and exotic video for one of the tracks from the upcoming album.

The European “Fields On Fire” support tour will start in March. Juicy massive sound and absolute chaos, typical for SINOPTIK, are waiting for you at every gig! Do not miss!

Miesto konania podujatia: Randal Club - live&wild rock'n'roll music club, Karpatská 2, Bratislava
Dátum začiatku podujatia: 1. Apríla 2018 21:00
Dátum ukončenia podujatia: 1. Apríla 2018 23:00
Pravdepodobné súradnice: 48.1569N 17.1137E

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Meno organizátora: SINOPTIK
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