2020 Slovak Disc Golf Open

Podujatie Horná Lehota

2020 Slovak Disc Golf Open

Tournament Website: http://discgolf.sk/turnaje/21

Registration Open 03-Aug-2020 at 20:00.

The 2020 Slovak National Disc Golf Championships in the men (MPO) and women (FPO) divisions will be held under the name 2020 Slovak Open in Krpáčovo in the Low Tatras. Krpáčovo now features the largest disc golf course in Central Europe (42 Latitude permanent baskets installed) that provides huge opportunities to test complete disc golf skills for all players of all levels. In order to take an advantage of this opportunity and at the same time not to tire players too much with two very long rounds a day, the tournament will be played with a golf start for the first time in the Slovak disc golf history. On both Saturday and Sunday only one round will be played and all players will sequentially start in groups on Hole #1 directly in front of the hotel/tournament center entrance. Don't worry, you will enjoy disc golf enough, each round will have up to 26 holes with a total par of 92, with a half of the holes par 4 and par 5. As in the past, it will be a combination of shorter technical holes with longer holes on meadows in rolling hill terrain. The golf start will allow players to watch the performances of the best players even directly from the terrace of Hotel Polianka from where there is a good view of the last three holes of the round. As always, Low Tatras have amazing weather in September, so we recommend players to find a few days before or after the tournament for trips to the mountains, or practice disc golf in great conditions. You can also rent electric bikes at Hotel Polianka and explore the beautiful surroundings with some extra energy.

Začiatok podujatia: 11. 9. 2020 13:00:00
Koniec podujatia: 13. 9. 2020 19:00:00

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